Climate Change: The new political science.

Are Global Warming, Climate Change, or a new one that is making a comeback, Global Cooling ;science or just political science?  That is the question.  Let me know your thoughts.

Here’s a couple of ideas that may help when talking to your friends about the socialists in our science lab.

In the mid-nineteenth century John Tyndall discovered that the sun’s light did not heat a vessel of oxygen and nitrogen, the main components of air.  After much work he discovered that both carbon dioxide and water vapor did indeed warm the air, and were the key reasons that the earth wasn’t an ice cube.

This is the science everyone agrees on.  Infrared radiation bouncing off the surface of the earth strikes carbon dioxide and is absorbed, causing the molecule to vibrate, creating heat, and emitting a photon (energy) into the atmosphere.   An oft noted statistic is that 97% of scientists believe in Global Warming.   For sure, most every scientist believes Tyndall’s discover about CO2 and warming of the air.  Then everything gets a bit more difficult.

The challenge for climatologists is there are a vast array of other variables that affect temperature including astrophysical, terrestrial, and biological.  I have added up about 15 variables, some dependent, some independent, all in four dimensions.  Tough math…..very tough math.

Three pieces of information rocket to the top of the list about how the political scientists in our realm discuss the carbon dioxide issue.

First, if we all agreed there was an optimal amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and no one has, but let’s say it was the 270 ppm measured in the mid-1800s, and if we stopped adding CO2 to the air today it would take 800 hundred of years for Biome Earth to naturally reduce the CO2 back to normal.  CO2 levels today are about 390-400 ppm.   Eight hundred years!!!!

If GW is a really serious problem that our Socialist Scientists believe needs to nipped in the bud today, then tilting at windmills won’t do much to change our CO2 footprint, nor batteries, nor solar panels. These technologies are too expensive and too inefficient to replace any energy source much less oil.   If there were really important to the Leftist then there is only one technology that could replace a large portion of energy production.  This technology is ultimate,  clean energy.  Nuclear energy.   Enviros hate nukes, because they can’t control this industry.  Which is just one of the reason their science is questionable.

Second, the IPCC publishes access to about 140 different global warming models.  Beautiful color charts are available and detail warming through the end of the century.  The actual temperatures over the last two decades, though, have begun to fall below all of the models stated levels.   Not only is climate science not fully baked, its not very accurate.

Finally, there’s the sun.  It’s actually getting hotter everyday because there is more and more fusion occurring in its belly and thus  additional energy emitted.  The sun is 30% hotter than it was 3 billion years ago.  Yet, the temperatures about the same.   We have more energy from the sun, and more CO2, yet we are not seeing much, if any, bump in temperature.

What’s the answer….well, the climo boys don’t really understand the science yet.  Climate science is more complicated that quantum physics and yet the Left states that the science is ‘done science. Science is a journey, and usually a long one.   Einstein changes Newton’s notion of gravity, and some future scientist will do what Einstein couldn’t figure out and why he knew his Theory of Relatively would one day have to be reconciled with Quantum Physics, something he could not figure.  Climate science is in its youth and there is much to be learned.

More important, we need understand how climate works.  Though the effects of the modest uptick in temperature does seem to have produced no evolving cataclysms, something more dangerous is coming and happens like clockwork every 20,000, 40,000 and 100,000 years: ice ages.  It might be nice if we understood how to regulate the temperature of the earth to minimize the titanically dangerous effects of the next ice age.


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