In 2009, Obama’s freshly minted onslaught from the America left stunned me, shocked me to the point I considered running for Congress.   Hope and Change looked more like ‘Spend like we always have’ and then spend more and faster.

So I started write down my thoughts to get a better handle of the problems the President’s solutions – the stimulus, proposals for health care, the bailouts – would create.  On and on.   And then the harder part what a new path create great results and also prepare the United States to be competitive in the  twenty-first century.

What new vision will assure my children have a life with more possibilities than me? What changes in our economic backbone will get all cylinders firing.  How can we change our ‘give a man a fish’ social policies to solution that assure that the people at the bottom of the economic ladder have access to the American Dream?  Do we really have to spend our way out of our problems, or can we spend less and achieve more?

Trying to figure out what was rotten at the core, I wrote Obama, It’s the Spending, Stupid!, Irreconcilable Differences, Just Right, Conversations with a Leftist, and then I wrote something fun that made me think I should try to publish: Killing Goldilocks.  I will let you know if it makes it to print.

But all these help clarify the mess in Washing that we were all feeling bad about, and the problems….

Tough problems.  Big problems.  I am just an average guy with a wife and two kids.   I am not a professor, not in the top one percent of earners.  I have degrees in Math and English, but not sure either of these mean much, especially given the size of our problems.

But I am a curious guy.  Once a problem is in front of me, its hard to put aside.

Two outcomes from all the writing pop up as consequential.

The two political parties are far more interested in acquiring and keeping power than solving tough problems; their power being derived from powerful interest groups and powerful, monied special interests.

Second, and most important; centralization of power and decision-making is cutting out bottom-up solutions from 330,000,000 citizens.   We have had our power and our thinking taken away by the power hungry in both parties.  And that there aren’t many ideas in Washington, we need to speak up.

So here I am, a fairly typical middle-class American: two kids, two cars, a little bit of savings, a pretty good job.  I have been a roofer, a waiter, even worked at Jack in the Box and Best Buy.  As hard as these jobs were they prepared me for working in sales much of my life for field sales, to regional management, and was lucky enough to own my own internet company.

From roofer to CEO, one things strikes we about Washington, I wouldn’t allow any of our politicians to run my life, and now more than ever it appears that what both parties seem to want to do.

I think the is a better path, a simpler government, a more restrained government, a government that wants to empower me and the rest of America and allow us to seek our own levels of greatness!


CIVIL is political movement to clean up the toxicity of American Politics